What is Website Creation ?

What is Website Creation?

How To  Website Creation on WordPress. Today we will talk on this topic. A lot of websites appear on the internet. If you also want to make a website on the internet. Or if you want to build a website with the help of a developer, then stop. Here you can create a completely free website. How to make a website? Will tell you about the steps. You can earn money from the internet by creating your own website. Those are called online internet business. The website can also be called a blog.

How Creating a Website?

What is the benefit of creating a new website on Google? It has many advantages. Suppose, you are very interested in making cooking or have an interest in selling shopping product, then you can make a website for it, and can also sell products. Also, you can earn money from Google Advertising. You will have Earning from both sides.

Talk directly in the language, then the website means to reach your information and knowledge, voice people.

 What is needed for the website?

  • Gmail ID
  • Domain Name
  • Laptop / Computer / Mobile
  • Internet
  • Basic Computer Knowledge

What is a website made on

Websites Creation in many ways on the Internet. The website is made on what. Information about this is given below. On which the website is made. Which are both free or Paid.

  • Blogger
  • WordPress.org & WordPress.com
  • Wix
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Other

How to make a website?

How can we make you a free website today? We will tell you the information about it. So that you too can not have your personal website on the internet. Let’s know.

  • First of all search on the Internet in your computer/laptop under the name Blogger.com. “Create Your Blog” button will appear, click on it. After this, the next page of Gmail Account Login will open, enter your Gmail ID or Password and login there.
    After login Gmail id, click on “Create New Blog”. Enter the title, address, of the Creating website. The name of the website is to be entered in the title. To enter the address of your website in the address. If you have taken the domain, now Create anything with the address for. Because the domain name was purchased, it can be configured later.


  • Click on the “Create Blog” button in the last.
    Address: – As shown in the image above, you will be able to click on “Create blog” only when this blog address is available

How is it done to create your Creating New website? All these simple steps are taught. If you have any kind of problem or question in creating a Create Website, then comment below and ask questions. And do not forget to share on social media. If you like our website, then comment and tell, only then we will tell more information about one website than the next.

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