Digital Marketing Overview

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a platform to run your business online and access your services to people. Digital marketing is online marketing. There are some models of digital marketing. Like,  Web designing, SEO, SMO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, E-mail Marketing, SEO on Pages, SEO of Page, SMM, SEM, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Mobile marketing, Webmaster, Google Analytics, etc.

 Major Terms of Digital Marketing

 This is the major terms of Digital marketing
1. Visibility
2. Engagement
3. The traffic
4. Recommendation
5. Management
4. Analysis
4. Retention
4. Impressions
4. Lead conversion
10. Conversion

Digital marketing

What is Domain Name ?

Simply domain name is the web address of your website, through which other people reach your website. The domain name of the Like My website is Its called domain name.

  • How does Domain Name Work?
    Domains name points to the IP address of your host (the server in which your website is stored). And when you add the name of a website to your URL bar, it points your host IP through the domain. You can access the website.


  • Type Of Domain Name
    .Com (commercial). .Net (Network)
    .org (organization)
    .gov (government)
    .edu – (educational) etc.
    ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains
    Generally, if you want to focus on a particular country area, then this domain name would be best for you. In this, you get different domain names for each country. As given below some


  • Important domain extensions –
  • .In (India)
    .Gb (great Britain)
    .Au (Australia)
    .Us (United States America) etc


  • SubDomain Name
    A subdomain is part of your main domain name, you can buy any top-level domain name and divide it into subdomain names. Its free of coast does not read you to give charge of the subdomain. By the way, there are more types of domain names, but Generally, we do not use them to create websites, so here we have told you the types of important domain names which is useful. Let me tell you one more thing, you in Hindi Can also buy domains name


  • Top Domain Name Provider List
    If you want to create your own website and want to buy a domain name, then you have to register domain name service provider through the domain, hum here is the list of some top domain providers, you can choose any of them.
  • Bigrock
    eWeb Guru
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Digital marketing

What is Hosting Or Server?

If you are thinking about creating a professional website on WordPress, then it is very important to know about Web Hosting. Today in this post we are going to give you information about what web hosting is and how it is. So let’s know – what is web hosting –

Let us try to find out what web hosting is and what type it is and what web hosting you should get for your blog or website.

  • What is web hosting –
    Suppose you do a business and you need a shop or store to keep all the goods or merchandise of your business, similarly, any material you keep on your websites like Video, Photo or Text Article A storage is required to keep everyone on the Internet, now a computer is connected to the Internet and kept on 24 hours and all your content is stored on it, Host Computer or Let’s say Web Host and this process is called Web Hosting.


  • How web hosting works
    Now we have understood what web hosting is, but if we do not understand how it works, they also know that, first of all, understand where we get web hosting from –


  • The Internet is the largest network in the world. Through this, millions of millions of computers and mobile devices are connected to each other. You must have seen that when two computers are connected to each other in your home, then that too becomes a small internet. Goes but it is a private network, but when a computer is connected to a public network or not, whatever data it contains is in the public. No one can be able to use or access to it has become a part of the Internet it can you say Web server or Web host.


  • Types of networks
    What is network topology – what is a network topology
    These web servers are connected to the internet 24 hours a day 365 days a year and this webserver provides you with space on your computer for rent to protect the content of your website and to display the content online on your website.
  • Hosting service stores all the files of your website on a web server. This web server is a high-level computer when someone enters the address URL of your website in their browser at home or from their mobile phone. The server sends a copy of your website’s webpage to its request so that your website opens on that computer.
  • There are three types of web hosting –
    Shared Web Hosting
    Virtual Private Server
    Dedicated Web Hosting


  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Shared web hosting stores many website files simultaneously on one server, so this hosting is called shared web hosting. All the resources of the computer like processor, RAM and hard disk are used together by all the websites but it is the same Because of this hosting is cheaper than all hosting but it has some disadvantages, it is fine as long as your website is new and The number of visitors to it is also less, if for some reason the number of visitors of a website increases, then it affects and all the websites hosted on that hosting, ie if one website is slow or down. All websites will be down. Being down means that all those website pages will take a long time to open, but it is very rare that it can be used by many people in one room. As rent


  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Virtual Private Server
    If seen, virtual private server share is similar to web hosting but here one server is divided into many virtual servers as you partition your hard disk in exactly the same way even after partitioning. The hard disk remains the same, in the same way, the virtual private server is stored on the same server. It is like different rooms in the same house. This web server is Yards are more secure than web hosting and can handle more traffic.


  • Dedicated Web Hosting
    Here a server is set up separately for a website and all its resources use only one website. This web hosting is good for a website with a lot of traffic like if you have any commercial website which has a lot of If more traffic comes, then you can take dedicated web hosting, because if a server is set aside for you, then its cost is very Is more